Zig Zag

Zig Zag marries classic Mid-century lighting forms with a striking modern profile.

Supported by a rigid brass frame, white globes emerge from brass cones held at ninety-degree angles. While sculpture-like, Zig Zag is also a functional light source, whether installed on the wall or the ceiling.

As a wall mounted light source, Zig Zag provides significant illumination beyond a traditional sconce. As a ceiling mounted light source the fixture's low profile allows it to be used in rooms or passageways where ceiling heights are constrained.

Zig Zag is available with a center-mount canopy for ceiling installation.



Zig Zag: L: 29.25” W: 25.25” H: 11”

Zig Zag Small: L: 25.5” W: 15.5” H: 11”

Zig Zag Long: L: 40.6” W: 26.25” H: 11”


Solid brass or steel components.



Lead time  
8 weeks




Zig Zag: $2675 

Zig Zag Small: $1675 

Zig Zag Long: $2950 


Zig Zag Zig Zag Zig Zag Zig Zag Zig Zag Zig Zag